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Lamb with peas and asparagus

This is a celebration of spring with new seasons lamb, peas, asparagus and a beautiful fondant potato, finished with a shiny lamb jus..

Lamb and peas-12


(Serves 2)

Rack of lamb, french trimmed

1 medium sized potato

1 handful of peas

1 bunch of asparagus



1 slice of bread

White wine vinegar


Lamb stock if making the sauce (lamb bones, sage, madiera)


1. Season the lamb well and get into a sous vide bag with some sage and oil. Cook for at least 1.5hours at 65c/149f.

Lamb and peas-2

2. Peel the potato and cut into little rounds with a pairing knife, now simmer in an emulsion of butter and water until the water boils off. This should leave a delicately cooked potato inside which is then browned by the butter at the end after the water dissipates. Season.

Lamb and peas-8

3. Keep a few asparagus tops and shave some of the stalks. Blanch.

Lamb and peas-11

4. Boil the peas briefly and then blitz with the offcuts from the asparagus. Season and add a touch of white whine vinegar to freshen up.

5.Place a slice of white bread in the oven to dry out for about 10 mins, then blitz with a bunch of sage leaves to a fine powder. This will cover the lamb later.

Lamb and peas-5

6. When the lamb is finished in the sous vide, take out, pat dry and cook in butter on a high heat until brown. Then paint one side with mustard and sprinkle the sage powder all over.

Lamb and peas-21

7. Finely slice some other potato (purple here) and deep fry as chips.

Lamb and peas-6

8. Plate and bask in the adoration of your loved one. Now wasn’t that easy?

Lamb and peas-20


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  4. Joylish Food says

    Wow, I am glad that I found your blog and instantly pressed that follow button!! I’m very impressed by the food presentation and can’t wait to make some of your delicious recipes. 🙂

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