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Turbot with red wine

This is a pretty easy dish which plays on combinations which might sound a little odd to some but that actually have a long history together: Turbot, red wine, and mushrooms. It was also one of the very rare occasions in which I managed to make a restaurant quality dish at home. Give it a shot and please be careful with frying the kale – read the full recipe first!


(Serves 2)

Turbot, about 200g a portion

Bottle of red wine – here I used an OK Rioja

Kale – one stalk

Spinach leaves – bag of

Chanterelles – handful



1.  Portion the fish and reserve the bones and skin for the sauce

2.  In a large saucepan, place the bones and a dash of oil on a high heat. Get some caramelisation on them – it makes the sauce much tastier later. When there is some good browning, add an entire bottle of wine and cook down until syrupy. Season and pass through a muslin cloth. Add a knob of butter to leave an amazing glossy sauce.

3.  Heat some oil to 180c/356f and (be very careful please the kale will spit a LOT) quickly place some kale into it. IMMEDIATELY cover with a lid until the water has been forced out and the kale is bright green and crispy. It will overcook and go brown fast so this may take some practice. Season.

4. Cook a bunch of spinach in a hot pan until wilted. Blitz in a food processor and pass through a sieve to make smooth. Season and reserve.

5. Season the turbot and encase in plastic wrap before placing into a steamer for 5 mins.

6. Meanwhile fry the chanterelles in butter and season well.

7. Plate!



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