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Red Thai Sea Bass

After a weekend in which we clocked up 6 Michelin stars and a lot of pastries, all I could think about was something tongue-numbingly spicy to break the back of all that butter. This is a fool proof recipe which delivers just that, perfect for the hot weather.


(Serves 2)

Sea bass (300 g pp)

Red curry paste : 3 gloves of garlic, a thumb-sized piece of garlic, the same of galangal if you can find it, 2 stalks of lemongrass, a generous pinch of (palm) sugar, a bunch of coriander stalks, Thai basil leaves, as many red chillis as you dare.

Lime – juice of one

Coconut milk – 1 can

Shiitake mushrooms – handful of

Spring onions – 3

Bean sprouts

Coriander leaves

Fish sauce


1.  Portion the sea bass and place in a sous vide bag with some butter and season well. Cook at 56c for 30-40 mins.

2.  Meanwhile make the paste. Put everything in a blender and wizz until really fine. Alternatively you could do it the proper way in a mortar and pestle, but that will take a long time I assure you!

3. Fry the paste in a touch of oil before letting down with the coconut milk and lime juice. Season with fish sauce.

4. Stir fry the mushrooms and onion off cuts and place around the fish on a warm plate.

5. Pour the sauce around and garnish with a pile of the crunch bean salad.

6. Sit back and delight in the joyful bonfire in your mouth.



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