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The Best Restaurants in Amsterdam

Every year, 15 million people visit the most beautiful city in the world, Amsterdam, and a lot of words have been written about the many, many, good places to eat. But no one guide gives visitors the chance to read full and recent reviews of all of the best restaurants, all in one place.

Since starting to write proper reviews of the local restaurant scene, I get asked quite often what are the best fine dining restaurants in Amsterdam or which are the Michelin starred restaurants in Amsterdam central worth going to. So, after a year of so of writing individual responses, I thought I’d pool all the restaurant reviews and ratings together to create a definitive guide.

Each of the restaurants has been visited recently – you can click on the scores or the links at the bottom of each section to go through to the full reviews. With over 25,000 words and more than 150 dishes reviewed, all within the last 6 months, this is (probably) the most comprehensive and up-to-date guide available to the best restaurants in Amsterdam.

My guide to the



Click here or on the image above to read the guide

If you think I’ve unfairly overlooked anywhere (or just completely agree/disagree with a review), let me know! I’m always very happy to hear from people as passionate as I am about eating well… and even more happy to hear about somewhere new to do just that.

Happy dining!





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